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Tournament stringing

Do you want a professional racket stringer on site at your tennis competition? Contact us – we’ll be happy to help!

For us, it is a matter of course that everyone should receive the same standard of their closure that we give the world elite. We therefore take your local competition as seriously as the Swedish Open or the French Open.

We always provide clear documentation together with the participants’ newly strung rackets.

During the competition, participants get their rackets re-strung using the best stringing machines, techniques and strings.

Club stringing

Do you want to expand and improve your club’s range of services? Through us, your members get their rackets strung within 48 hours with the same quality as we string for the tennis elite.

We pick up rackets that your club’s visitors and members need to get re-strung. If there is no reception available where your visitors can hand in their rackets, we provide our exclusive “boxes” that are made to be able to handle leaving and picking up rackets in a safe and flexible way.

We are happy to discuss an arrangement that suits your club. Contact us for more information or if you have any questions!

We guarantee that your members will get their rackets strung within 48 hours – it doesn’t get smoother nor faster!

Racket Matching and customization

We offer several different options for personalizing your tennis racket.

Do you want to perform better on the court? Then we can help with adapting your racket to your playing style, or your grip to your hand. Or why not both? And if you want that extra, personal touch, we’d love to give your racket a custom paint job!

For example, we work with swing weight adaptation and racket adaptation. This means adjustments to the desired specifications for weight, balance and swing weight. We can tune multiple rackets the same, hence not putting you at a disadvantage when your primary racket breaks during play – your backup will feel the same!

In addition, we offer plug and bumper replacements, grip size increases.

Check out the pictures below to see what we can do. All paint jobs are done by us.